Individual Contributors should be more leaders than managers, and that’s by design!

That’s an explosive title, trust me I know, but I mean it, bare with me, I am sure I can show you what I meant…

Context (Meaning, Why am I writing about this now?)

Recently I and a peer of mine started revamping our Career Journey where I work, and we noticed something odd while breaking down the skills we expect, what we expected more than anything from our Individual Contributors as they progress in their career is leadership, So I decided to write my thoughts.

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Mistakes and what is the role of a manager

To prevent them, duh!

Actually, not really…


I wanted to write about making mistakes and why a team should celebrate them, but before I write it, I wanted to clarify something, I realized that a lot of people feel like their role is to prevent mistakes… Senior ICs and Managers feel like they are there to prevent mistakes – always as if that’s a part of the role…

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The Mermaid Principle

What is the Mermaid Principle

Brief Intro

The reality of our industry in 2020 puts product-development in a bit of a predicament.

Why you ask?

Well, it’s really hard to plan if we are reacting to feedback and looping all the time, and it’s really hard to maintain our code if we want to move fast, and it’s really annoying to polish something, to work hard to make the code amazing and then realize it’s a turd when we release it – because people don’t use it…

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Let me turn you on to Waterfall (Slides)

Here are my slides to my favorite lightning talk – I guarantee by the end of this, you wouldn’t assume that Waterfall is the worst thing ever and actually see it’s value 🙂

Hint: The root cause of its problems, didn’t stem from it, but rather from people not adapting to changes…

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Why you SHOULD hire Juniors

Before I start, this is my first post in the “post Wikimedia” era, thanks to Wikimedia, it’s been awesome!

Now to the topic, I’m here to convince you that hiring Juniors isn’t just smart, a good thing, but actually needed!

Let’s start with some background or at least context… Berlin, yeah, yeah, Berlin and no it’s not just a Berlin problem, but that’s the problem I see and I try to write what I see 🙂

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Raz <3 Guilds, for realz!

First, What are Guilds?


Guilds, have been popular for a while, I think they gained their popularity mainly from Spotify, but they existed before with different names, such as: Interest groups, Working groups and so on…

Thanks for the intro Raz, but What are Guilds?!?!?

Instead of saying it in a shitty version, I’ll quote this article here:

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We overhauled our hiring process, here’s why

Background: AKA, Why did we overhaul in the first place?

This year my engineering team is facing growth, our hiring process was always a bit over-bloated and not efficient, but we didn’t feel like it’s worth touching it until now…

Basically, when we realized how many more people we will need to hire and how much time we need to invest, also how much we care about hiring the right people and especially how much we value culture in our org, we realized it’s time for a change.

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My Dream Career Development Process!

Why is it important to even create such a thing?

I once saw a quote on LinkedIn: “CFO asked CEO: What happens if we invest in developing people & they leave us? CEO: What happens if we don’t & they stay?”

That’s a big motivation, also add to the fact that people that grow, learn, find new challenges, tend to stay longer and employee retention is super important for a manager.

Another LinkedIn inspirational quote: “People leave managers, not companies. Don’t let that manager be you.”

I know this sounds cold and calculated, it doesn’t have to be, I truly care, and I know my manager at MediaMind (My role model) cared as well, but there are other motivations aside from caring, to achieve your future goals, to save money on losing people, there are economic reasons to care as well and it’s good to address them too.

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The Path to be a Manager (Engineering)

For a while I was trying to write an article called: “How to manage your manager”, but I’m really stuck with it (Really! it’s in draft mode for 2 months now!).

So, to get myself out of this writer’s block (hehe, like I’m a serious writer or so), I decided to write something else, something that I’m thinking about for a while…

What is it you ask, well, I’m writing about

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Somehow I Hire: Culture Fit or maybe Culture Benefit?

Welcome to post number 3 in sub-section Somehow I Hire.

Today I’m going to talk about my favorite topic when it comes to hiring and I assume most people I work with will roll their eyes when they’ll read this, as I can be somewhat annoying about this topic.

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My own private retrospective of the Vuejs Amsterdam 2019

Hey, I came back from #Vuejsamsterdam and I have a lot of thoughts about it, as my mind is usually scattered and I can’t really think clearly sometimes, I decided to retrospect my feelings and see what my own data is telling me…

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