Somehow I recruit

It’s been a while since my last post, I took some time off from work and decided to let my mind rest, now that the new year has started, I started thinking to myself about what do I want to write about next, basically I try to build a roadmap of posts when I start the year, milestones of sorts, of 6-8 posts, the rest I fill by things I encounter or talk about at work 🙂

Anyhow, When I was trying to think about my roadmap, My mind immediately went to recruiting, most likely because that occupied my last 4-6 months of 2018 and will occupy it for some time more in my future…

But I have so many thoughts and so much to say about it in so many angels I realized that I’m basically filling my 6-8 posts with recruiting topics only

So… I guess I’m basically announcing a new sub-section to my blog called: Somehow I Recruit 

I’ll still have other topics that are non-recruiting that I’m adding to my roadmap don’t worry 🙂

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The Page Object design pattern conundrum

Hey guys,

So you have started writing automation, you kept the principals of clean code (If not, read these posts: 1. How to write proper automation test; 2. Clean code in automation, is it essential?), and in general you are pleased with the result, but you still feel there is a lot of overhead and duplication in your code that you would like to avoid + now you must hire Selenium proficient QAs to work on the automated tests (or to spend the time to train them).

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