Individual Contributors should be more leaders than managers, and that’s by design!

That’s an explosive title, trust me I know, but I mean it, bare with me, I am sure I can show you what I meant… Context (Meaning, Why am I writing about this now?) Recently I and a peer of mine started revamping our Career Journey where I work, and we noticed something odd whileContinue reading “Individual Contributors should be more leaders than managers, and that’s by design!”

We overhauled our hiring process, here’s why

Background: AKA, Why did we overhaul in the first place? This year my engineering team is facing growth, our hiring process was always a bit over-bloated and not efficient, but we didn’t feel like it’s worth touching it until now… Basically, when we realized how many more people we will need to hire and howContinue reading “We overhauled our hiring process, here’s why”

Let me turn you on to Waterfall

Before you crucify me, I admit that my post title is clickbaity. I had this realization relatively recently that most of my colleagues were “born” into Agile, most of them heard the terrifying stories of Waterfall, but none of them practiced it, this post isn’t going to be one of those Horror stories, it’s actuallyContinue reading “Let me turn you on to Waterfall”

Somehow I Hire: CV, yeah, yeah! CV!

As I mentioned in a former post, I decided to focus this year on posts around hiring and recruiting, I thought it’d be nice to give the readers an understanding of what happens behind the scenes when you send your CV… As a person that interviewed around 50 people last year and saw So much moreContinue reading “Somehow I Hire: CV, yeah, yeah! CV!”