Let me turn you on to Waterfall

Before you crucify me, I admit that my post title is clickbaity. I had this realization relatively recently that most of my colleagues were “born” into Agile, most of them heard the terrifying stories of Waterfall, but none of them practiced it, this post isn’t going to be one of those Horror stories, it’s actuallyContinue reading “Let me turn you on to Waterfall”

Somehow I Hire: CV, yeah, yeah! CV!

As I mentioned in a former post, I decided to focus this year on posts around hiring and recruiting, I thought it’d be nice to give the readers an understanding of what happens behind the scenes when you send your CV… As a person that interviewed around 50 people last year and saw So much moreContinue reading “Somehow I Hire: CV, yeah, yeah! CV!”

The Page Object design pattern conundrum

Hey y’all, So you have started writing automation, you kept the principals of clean code (If not, read these posts: 1. How to write proper automation test; 2. Clean code in automation, is it essential?), and in general you are pleased with the result, but you still feel there is a lot of overhead and duplication in your codeContinue reading “The Page Object design pattern conundrum”

The Ultra way to start a new job in tech (Sarcastic and in good humor)

How to assert your dominance on your first day. So, are you starting a new job in tech? My advice to you is, go on google the day before you start, make sure you find the new-newest technology ever, be sure to choose one that 1-3 people are contributing to. (More than 3 means that there’s moreContinue reading “The Ultra way to start a new job in tech (Sarcastic and in good humor)”