Somehow I Hire

It’s been a while since my last post, I took some time off from work and decided to let my mind rest, now that the new year has started, I started thinking to myself about what do I want to write about next, basically I try to build a roadmap of posts when I start the year, milestones of sorts, of 6-8 posts, the rest I fill by things I encounter or talk about at work 🙂

Anyhow, When I was trying to think about my roadmap, My mind immediately went to hiring, most likely because that occupied my last 4-6 months of 2018 and will occupy it for some time more in my future…

But I have so many thoughts and so much to say about it in so many angels I realized that I’m basically filling my 6-8 posts with hiring topics only

So… I guess I’m basically announcing a new sub-section to my blog called: Somehow I Hire 

I’ll still have other topics that are non-hiring that I’m adding to my roadmap don’t worry 🙂

I want to touch/talk about hiring from 3-4 different angles and maybe talk about these and more, examples:

  1. From the organizations perspective
    1. How to organize a hiring process for an Engineering environment
    2. A good timeline from initial conversation to offer
    3. How to mitigate “risk VS value” of a candidate in a process (in other words, no one is perfect, deal with it and ask what are the core things I need, what am I willing to live with)
    4. Culture Benefit VS Culture Fit: What is “Culture fit”:? what is “Culture benefit” and why should we even care?
  2. From the perspective of the interviewee 
    1. How to prepare for an interview and what should you as an interviewee do before and during
    2. What should one write in the CV and how should they look like in general
  3. What it means and how it feels to recruit for an NGO open source organization – My general thoughts and recent experience

Stay tuned!


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