Raz <3 Guilds, for realz!

First, What are Guilds?   Guilds, have been popular for a while, I think they gained their popularity mainly from Spotify, but they existed before with different names, such as: Interest groups, Working groups and so on... Thanks for the intro Raz, but What are Guilds?!?!? Instead of saying it in a shitty version, I'll... Continue Reading →

My Dream Career Development Process!

Why is it important to even create such a thing? I once saw a quote on LinkedIn: "CFO asked CEO: What happens if we invest in developing people & they leave us? CEO: What happens if we don't & they stay?" That's a big motivation, also add to the fact that people that grow, learn, find... Continue Reading →

The Path to be a Manager (Engineering)

For a while I was trying to write an article called: "How to manage your manager", but I'm really stuck with it (Really! it's in draft mode for 2 months now!). So, to get myself out of this writer's block (hehe, like I'm a serious writer or so), I decided to write something else, something... Continue Reading →

Let me turn you on to Waterfall

Before you crucify me, I admit that my post title is clickbaity. I had this realization relatively recently that most of my colleagues were "born" into Agile, most of them heard the terrifying stories of Waterfall, but none of them practiced it, this post isn't going to be one of those Horror stories, it's actually... Continue Reading →

Somehow I Hire: Value VS Risk when recruiting

Welcome to post number 1 in sub-section Somehow I Hire. I wanted to talk about hiring from an organizational level and one of the things I wanted to write is how to make a decision-making system that helps us make calculated choices. Basically, no system or process is perfect and we can't "air-tight" processes around... Continue Reading →

Somehow I Hire

It's been a while since my last post, I took some time off from work and decided to let my mind rest, now that the new year has started, I started thinking to myself about what do I want to write about next, basically I try to build a roadmap of posts when I start... Continue Reading →

Facade layer? pffff what?!?! why?!?!?

Hey Y'all, Today I want to talk about the importance of creating a facade layer to your selenium framework… But, wait, What exactly is a facade layer? Well, Facade layer is actually part of a design pattern called “Facade Pattern” I will try to sum it up for you here in points in this post today, but if... Continue Reading →

Clean code in automation, is it really necessary?

Hey Y'all, Today we will answer this question: Q: Clean code in automation, Is it really necessary? A: YES!!! Q: Why? A: Well… why not? let's speak about the advantages of clean code and clean code in automation especially: Let’s start by defining what is clean code exactly? Clean code is a reader-focused development style... Continue Reading →

How to write a proper automation test?

Hey Y'all, Today we will talk about an exciting topic (very briefly though). How does one write a proper automation test? Actually, this question has more than one correct answer so we will not start talking about all the different approaches, but stick to the “Set in stone” guidelines: Do not duplicate your code! think of... Continue Reading →

The Page Object design pattern conundrum

Hey y'all, So you have started writing automation, you kept the principals of clean code (If not, read these posts: 1. How to write proper automation test; 2. Clean code in automation, is it essential?), and in general you are pleased with the result, but you still feel there is a lot of overhead and duplication in your code... Continue Reading →

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