The Page Object design pattern conundrum

Hey y’all, So you have started writing automation, you kept the principals of clean code (If not, read these posts: 1. How to write proper automation test; 2. Clean code in automation, is it essential?), and in general you are pleased with the result, but you still feel there is a lot of overhead and duplication in your codeContinue reading “The Page Object design pattern conundrum”

The Ultra way to start a new job in tech (Sarcastic and in good humor)

How to assert your dominance on your first day. So, are you starting a new job in tech? My advice to you is, go on google the day before you start, make sure you find the new-newest technology ever, be sure to choose one that 1-3 people are contributing to. (More than 3 means that there’s moreContinue reading “The Ultra way to start a new job in tech (Sarcastic and in good humor)”