So, why actually do I have a blog?

I thought about what should be my first post about, I honestly didn’t know… I guess I felt stressed to just start babbling about things without introducing myself and my motivations to actually have a blog.

So, I’m Raz…

  • A father,
  • A Spouse to an amazing partner Aka the smartest person alive…
  • A Big fan of “The Office (US)” sorry to all the peeps from the UK, the US office is just better (also the name of this blog is a reference to The Office, nice catch die-hard fans of the show!).
  • An Ironman finisher.
  • Oh yes, and I’m also one of 2 Engineering Managers at Wikimedia Germany.

So, what is this Blog about then? I guess let’s start with what this blog will not be about:

  • Parenthood (even though I wrote father first and it is because I am a father first), but I’m just a n00b at that 🙂
  • This isn’t a relationship blog as well, there’s only one “the smartest person alive” and that one is with me, so I can’t help you operate that relationship…
  • It won’t be “The Office” blog (even though I will talk about Michael Scott here once in a while… maybe even use his management style as an example).
  • And it won’t be about Ironman triathlons, mostly because I don’t have any original thought on that topic

OK, so what is this blog about: (I assumed you guessed it from the title of the blog!)

This is a blog about Engineering Management… I realized a while ago that I’m doing a lot of things and somehow those things (even though are based on books / other blogs / consulting with other managers) are working well for me and in the end seem different than what I initially started, but never feel forced.

I wanted to have a place to write about my beliefs, my assumptions, my style and also what me and my team are doing now, a place to document our shared learnings and to help you (the reader) by getting to see what we tried in the office, what worked, what didn’t and most importantly… how? and why?

How did it work in an explicit way? and why did we implement it that way?


So, I think by now you know me, I guess you still aren’t sure what this blog will be like, I also don’t 🙂 the small incremental changes force is strong with me, I created a blog, I wrote my first post, now I will go and put my son to sleep and plan a more coherent post for the next week – maybe about a “Dynamic Team Structure” or as we call it in Wikimedia Germany – “The Journey Model”


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