The Journey Model

Problems we had / What did we want to solve?


  • Complicated structure to our roadmap, sometimes we had 3 – 4 lanes happening at the same time, sometimes just 1… started to feel we were having fake constructs of teams, where one team worked on 1 thing and the other worked on 3 different things at the same time.
  • Knowledge sharing between the teams was difficult, people were stuck in their silo and didn’t see what’s going on the other part of the bigger team.
  • We never had time to modernize or try new things out, 2 team structure made it feel like there are always enough products to work on and allocating people to do something new will just not work, unless the entire team is allocated (which is also not what Engineering Manager / Team might want)
  • We are working in a dynamic industry and also with clear lack of resources (to tackle what we are trying to) – We are in a never-ending race to produce and we never find the time to work on our infrastructure (aside from firefighting)

The problems stated above are not all of our problems, of course, these are just the ones we decided to surface and that we felt are more pressing right now.

We can’t solve all of our problems! That we know… so we mapped what are the problems we do want to solve.

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How To: Retrospective

So, I’m still trying to figure out what I think is important to write about, I thought it’d be cool to write “How To’s”, It doesn’t mean by any chance, that my way is the right way (or even close to it), but it’s how I do things and I thought it’d be cool to write technically how to do things (I know I googled a lot of those questions in the beginning).


Retrospective (~1 hour)

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